Tustin American Legion Post 227

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Color Guard

Our Color Guard will honor the U.S. Flag, State Flag, Tustin Flag and the Service Flags at dozens of events throughout the year in Tustin.  This promotes Patriotism as well as Americanism.  Some events are celebrations, while other events are solemn Memorials.  Out current Color Guard Commander is Charles Johnson, who is a career U.S. Marine who spent time as a Drill Sergeant. Despite the fact that our Color Guard members are a couple of generations past active duty, his dedication and commitment is much appreciated by the Post and Tustin's Community Leaders. 

The Color Guard is proud to participate in the following activities:

* The Tustin Tiller Day Parade.

* City Council Meetings.

* Street Memorials in Tustin (a ceremony where fallen veterans names are placed on streets signs).
* Ask to participate on various activities such as Flag Day, Veterans Day and Memorial Day. 

We are activity seeking new members who would like to participate in this highly patriotic and satisfying endeavor.  If you would to become part of Post 227's Color Guard, go to "contact us".