Tustin American Legion Post 227

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Member Activities

Flag Day Ceremonies

Each year on Flag Day, June 14, Post 227 performs a ceremony between City Hall and
the Tustin Library. City employees are encouraged to attend by being excused a little
early for the event. The City Park and Recreations Department provides refreshments,
sets up all the sound systems, and promotes the events.
After Colors are presented and posted, Post 227 a flag folding ceremony as the meaning
of each fold is provided from the podium.
Then several members of the Post perform a Dignified Disposal of an unserviceable
Flag for the audience to appreciate the care that should be taken to retire the flag of our
country when it is too worn to be displayed. Citizens are then encouraged to submit their
unserviceable flags to our Post for this type of disposal. See the Dignified Disposal of
unserviceable Flags under the activities tab to find out more.

Veterans Day

Post 227 usually has a role to play at several locations where Veterans Day is recognized and celebrated.

Beckman High: Each year we are invited to present The Colors at their tribute to Veterans through the patriotic music played by the school’s famous orchestra directed by Jim Kolias. A large crowd witnesses all veterans presented with a rose and each one tells the audience the years and branch of their service.

Tustin Senior Center: At a luncheon near Veterans Day the Senior Center invites Post 227 to present The Colors and usually provides the audience with a program honoring veterans plus a display of all the service flags.

The Groves: On Veterans Day, The Groves in Irvine, has a full evening program devoted to honoring veterans with speakers, videos and singing. Post 227 presents The Colors.

Street Sign Memorial Dedications

Eighteen streets in Tustin Ranch are named after fallen heroes who lived in Tustin before
joining the military service. Memorials are held on the anniversary of their date of death.
Small flags are placed in each yard on this day. Memorial services are always at 5:30
PM at a convenient location on the street. This activity is sponsored by the Tustin
Community Foundation. Donna Perry, a friend of the American Legion, reads a brief
biography of the hero following a flag ceremony, the pledge of allegiance and patriotic
songs by the Voices of Tustin.
Post 227 presents the Colors including the service flag of the hero. The Post member
carrying the service flag is from that same branch of the military. The dates for this year
are on the calendar page.
This brings the residents of the street out to see why the street was so named. It is a
wonderful way to honor their sacrifice. 

Summer Picnic

We gather each summer at the picnic area of The Groves in Irvine. Many of our members reside at The Groves and this is both convenient and great location for a picnic. A big reason to join an American Legion Post is for camaraderie and the common bond when veterans get together. This is also a chance for the spouses to meet the other spouses in a fun informal way. The Post provides hamburgers and hot dogs but the rest is brought by all to share. Children and grandchildren are welcome!

Christmas Dinner