Tustin American Legion Post 227

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Youth Programs 

Boys State

If our republic is to survive and prosper, our youth must have a true concept of the ideals and objectives of government.  They must know what constitutes the successful operation of government.  These lessons are taught at the American Legion California Boys State.  This event is conducted each year in June for one week in Sacramento.  The activity is characterized by self-imposed duties and responsibilities, rules and regulations, practices and abilities, which are essential to the maintenance of an orderly society in which the individual participates as an act of worthy citizenship.
Each year in February, Post 227 sends the instructions to the counselors at Tustin High, Beckman and Foothill.  They each select 3 or 4 candidates of outstanding Junior High boys based on grades, school activities, and community involvement, and leadership potential.  The Post judges them to select one boy to represent each high school .  Following an Orientation Dinner for the student and the parents, they proceed in June on charter buses to Sacramento. The above photo shows the three selected boys receiving a certificate and praise from the Mayor and City Council at a regular fall council meeting.  Each student speaks briefly to the audience on the value to them of the program. 

Oratorical Contest

The purpose of The American Legion's High School Oratorical Scholarship Program is to develop a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the Constitution of the United States among high school students.  Other objectives of the contest include development of leadership qualities, the ability to think and speak clearly and intelligently, and the preparation for acceptance of the duties, responsibilities, rights and privileges of American citizenship.

Tustin Post 227 conducts these "Constitutional Speech Contests" each January.  Official rules are sent to the counselors at Tustin High, Beckman and Foothill.  The local contest is judged by Post 227 members.  The winner is given a Scholarship Award that is relatively small but the award gets much bigger at each successive level reaching $18,000 as the top national prize.  The winner at the local level advances to the District level.  The picture shows the 2017 winner of the local contest being awarded second place at the District contest.

Eagle Scout Awards

The achievement of becoming an Eagle Scout is the pinnacle of success in the scouting world.  This involves a ceremony at which the Eagle Scout is honored in a ritual called a “Court of Honor.”  Scout leaders give an account of the scouts’ progress through the stages including the final community project. A Post 227 member presents a special American Legion Medallion and a certificate in recognition of the completion of this amazing journey in scouting. This represents the very best in our goal of promoting Americanism.

Middle School Awards

Each year the teachers at all of Tustin Middle Schools select one outstanding boy and
one girl based on several factors such as grades, attendance, leadership potential, etc. A
member of Post 227 is present at the graduation ceremony to present these two
students with a certificate and a medallion. This is a way to promote Americanism and
pride in the students, their parents, the faculty and their friends. Several of our members
present the awards where they attended middle school years before.